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Infrastructure at VV MineralV.V. Mineral is a major heavy mineral mining company in India. It is by far the only company to get leased shore land for a period of 40 years from the Government of Tamil Nadu. It is primarily based in Chennai, and its headquarters is at Tisanvilay. This area is a highly valuable region for acquisition of a lot of heavy minerals such as Garnet, Ilmenite, Rutile, and Zircon. It covers hundreds of acres of sea shore in the Gulf of Mannar.

The company has 5 wet plants near the mining areas that are used to process the mined sand. There are mechanized facilities as well as manual loading that are used for garnet mining and other kind of mining such as ilmenite mining, Rutile mining, and Zircon mining. In addition to that, V.V. Mineral has 6 dry plants that are also situated in the close to the mining sites.

High quality grading and processing machinery is used that’s imported from Germany, Australia and other countries. The total capacity of the machinery is about 14,000 metric tons of Garnet and 20,000 metric tons of ilmenite, 1000 metric tons of Zircon, 500 Metric Tons of Rutile per month.

A well skilled quality control department is checking for the best quality every three hours.
For the transportation of the raw materials, V.V. Mineral has a group of trucks, tippers, dozers, and trailers. They also have bulk material transporters, for export purposes. They have mechanized packing and loading systems that help in the handling process.

They also have 3 huge warehouses that ensure quick and large shipments.