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VV Mineral was established in the year 1989, it is a heavy mineral mining company based in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It’s headquartered in Tisaiyanvilai. They manufacture mineral products such as Zircon, Rutile and Illmenite and Garnet.

VV Mineral encourages heavy mineral mining activities to be done in an eco friendly manner. They take great efforts to reinstate the areas of mining. The sand extraction is done from a particular area, allotted by Government of India to VV Mineral on lease. The sand is transported to the mining plant after which it goes through a chain of separation processes. The sand is a byproduct of the separation process. The sand particles are then taken to the previous areas of mining. This is done to avoid decline of sand belts along the coast lines Tamil Nadu.

They indulge in activities that are held for conservation of natural resources and energy. For example, VV Mineral uses sea water concentration plants to save fresh water. Also, they make use of wind as a renewable energy to generate power through wind turbines.

They also believe in afforestation and encourage people to plant more trees as well as reclaim the mined areas with vegetation so as to restore its natural green prosperity.

The managing director, Mr. J Muthurajan, insists on activities for the employees in order to keep them satisfied in the company and their work. A lot of training programs are conducted for the employees all year round, like team building exercises, recreational tours, motivational and behavioral training. They also have workshops on fire safety and first aid.