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Sand mining, heavy mineral mining

Beach sand mining (heavy minerals mining) is carried out in the sea shores and also in the inland areas.  All mining operations of V.V. Mineral are done by eco-friendly open cast scientific mining methods without any bore holing and blasting. Beach sand deposits are available right from the surface hence there is no top soil and the deposits are devoid of over burden, straight way the sand is scrapped and scooped using suitable equipments. It is done purely by manual labour using primitive agricultural equipment’s like spades, basket and shovel also no electrical equipment’s are involved.

Shore mining miners remove only the top layer of the sand accumulated by the sea and due to ocean currents the same area will be refilled by the waves within a short while. So unlike other mining there is no fear for any depletion of the resources.

The bulk of waste silica rejected in the mining process will be backfilled in the mined area to maintain the original topography.