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Illegal Beach MiningBeach sand mining is common in the coastal areas of South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Beach sand mining is also known as heavy mineral mining, which can be explained as physical extraction of sand after which it is processed in pre concentration plants, to separate the mineral particles from the sand. But, most people confuse this activity with illegal sand mining. This is because nobody pays attention to the activity which is conducted after the separation processes are over. After the separation is done, the sand particles which are of no use to the heavy mineral mining company is thrown back on the beach from where it was taken.

In fact, because of these misconceptions, even the government sometimes fails to understand this industry. Top companies in the heavy mineral mining industry, like VV Minerals, India is suffering a lot due to these misunderstandings because most people believe that these heavy mineral mining companies hoard sand.

Illegal beach mining includes mining of raw sand for the purpose of construction and other uses without taking necessary permissions from the government authorities. It may also include mining of minerals from the sand for which the Government has not granted license.

Over the course of time, a lot of speculations were held against VV Minerals, which is owned by Mr. S Vaikundarajan and managed by Mr. J Mutuhurajan and Mr. Jegatheesan. Most of the claimes were believable because of the misconceptions about this industry. But in recent reports, it is becoming clear that, VV Minerals, India only deals with Zircon mining, Garnet mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining. No minerals other than these four which are granted by the Government are mined by this company.