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VV MineralsThe real culprit behind the illegal heavy mineral mining has been exposed. In a sting operation on Mr. V. Sundaram, a retired IAS officer, appointed by Mr. Dayadevadas, the owner of the rival company revealed that the allegations on VV Minerals, India were pre planned and not true.

The company owned by Mr. Dayadevdas was shut down and the minerals were seized by the government as they found illegal mining in their premises. At this time, VV Minerals, Owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan was the leading heavy mineral mining company in Tamil Nadu. This aggravated Mr. Dayadevadas which led him to form a team of 6 people and frame VV Mineral in the scam.

He took help of two retired IAS officers, namely V Sundaram and Devasagayam and produced a false document stating VV Minerals was involved in illegal beach mining. Whereas, the company owned by Mr. Dayadevadas was shut down for stealing 39 lakh metric tons of sand from Tamil Nadu. The others involved in the conspiracy were Victor Rajamanikam and Ashish Kumar.

There were video evidences that clearly described how the whole conspiracy was planned and executed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDTqbwf7fsU.