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Tuticorin CoastShoreline erosion is the temporary or permanent loss of sand from the beach or dune systems. Shoreline change may occur due to both natural and the man-made processes. It can be said the same for the Tuticorin Coast. Where mining is not responsible for the shore line erosion.  According to S. Vaikundarajan the shore line can get eroded due to natural reasons as well like wave and tide characteristics, periodic cyclone events, near shore circulation, sediment characteristics and transport. It will be wrong on our parts to completely put the blame on VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan.

Sometimes the causes of things are unknown to us and we are bound anticipate. This is one such case where VV Mineral is being blamed for something that has not occurred due to it. The mining on the Tuticorin Coast was done abiding by the government rules and regulations levels and under control by the VV Mineral mining team.  Government authorities in regular intervals keep visiting the mining area and it is under their surveillance always. Vaikundarajan is one of the people who believes in good for the society and always follows his ethics when it comes to business.