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Nuclear GoldMonazite content in beach sands of Tamil Nadu is very low. It is believed that thorium is not separated from Monazite at the time of mining, and is exported to other countries. However, this is not true.

S. Vaikundarajan, chairman of VV Minerals, India the country’s leading private heavy mineral mining company, reveals that the thorium is retained in the sands of Tamil Nadu even after the mining processes are complete. It is just not possible to carry out any such activity under so many restrictions by the government and constant scrutiny. What is strange is that despite attaining all statutory regulations and following all the rules as per the government such allegations never seem to end.

While mining each unit has 3-4 trained executives who are ‘Radiological Officers’ with responsibilities of radiological monitoring of the plant premises; they advise the management in the safe handling and disposal of monazite as per guidelines and educate workers on hazards of radiation, says S. Vaikundarajan. Keeping the work force aware has always been the objective of VV Mineral because they are the ones who are directly involved in the mining.