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VV MineralIndia’s heavy mineral resources are in abundance and much higher as compared to other countries over the world. Sadly, these resources are not optimized to the fullest which results in low production of the minerals and also greater losses to the economy. The private sector which is keen on the development of the mining sector is however not given all the liberty to carry out its business in full bloom. VV Minerals, a private heavy mineral mining company which also happens to be one of the major players in the market is also deprived of such opportunities b which they can carry out mining without any interference.

MEAI has requested the central government to allow private sector mining of monazite that is a primary source of radio-active thorium. Thorium being a strategic metal and an integral part of India’s three stage nuclear power program is an essential metal. S. Vaikundarajan also puts forward his suggestion of relaxing the various policies on mining of Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Garnet and Sillimanite as they become a hurdle in the trade. If these areas are taken care of and looked after by the government then it will surely result in fostering a better trade scenario in the mining industry feels S. Vaikundarajan.