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VV Mineral MiningHeavy minerals are industrial minerals which also hold value in everyday life. VV Minerals manufactures and exports heavy minerals like Garnet, Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile. Out of these Ilmenite and Rutile are used in making Titanium pigments and the rest for other industrial uses.

Without such heavy minerals, we would have to face a lot of difficulty leading our lives considering our current lifestyle. Here are some unexpected reasons why need heavy minerals:

1. Heavy minerals like zircon are used in Zircon Chronology, which is a method of understanding ancient environmental conditions. Scientists consider it to be a very reliable source to understand earth’s history across various geological events. The oldest material on earth is a zircon grain which was found by dating an ancient zircon particle.

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2. Garnet is also used in finishing and polishing optical lenses. Garnet pieces that are finer than 74 micrometers are used for glass polishing and lapping.

3. Our product Garnet exhibits high toughness with a very low particle breakdown on impact. They remove all salts, corrosion, contaminants from within deeply corroded and pitted metal surfaces.

4. Ilmenite is used in making printed fabrics. Because of its high hiding power, opacity and non toxicity, Tio2 is the preferred agent used in making printed fabrics.

5. Zircon and Rutile are used in the manufacture of fiberglass. Zircon has the capabilities of withstanding very high temperatures which makes it suitable for usage in fiberglass.

6. Zircon is used in manufacture of digital printing ink for ceramic tile decoration. Zircon digital ceramic printing inks give enhanced design possibilities, offering a wide range of vibrant colors.

There are myriads of other uses, where our products are useful. Our MD Mr. S. Vaikundarajan along with his associates, J Muthurajan, S. Jegatheesan and V. Subramanian have taken this family owned business from just a start up to a worldwide recognized heavy mineral mining company.