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VVMVV Mineral, Mining is a private company based in Tamil Nadu and owned by Vaikundarajan. They have 12 wet plants situated close to the mining areas for upgrading the mined ore in mining area itself.8 dry plants are situated close to the mining areas and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Most of their processing machinery is imported, and wherever necessary, the entire process has been adopted by a dedicated team of in-house Engineers and R&D.

An autonomous quality control department is responsible for the implementation of rigorous quality control checks in order to maintain our zero-rejection track record. Track record is maintained from the mines up till the end user with a unique identification number. Grade wise check is also done in all the plants before despatch. Cent percent exactitude is established in our centralized labs. Bags are thoroughly checked at the warehouses before dispatch and pictures are taken during the whole process before shipment.

To enrich the quality and purity of their premier product Super Garnet, separate washing units have been built near the warehouses, dedicated to fix the quality in general and purity in particular. Water for the washing process is taken from the river and converted to pure water using reverse osmosis process. With the help of modern equipments, VV Minerals, India takes utmost care to maintain 99% purity in terms of mineralogical content.