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VV_Minerals_IndiaThe long coastal stretch of the Indian peninsula spans up to 6000 kilometers and is gifted with abundant reserves of heavy minerals across the southern coast. Most commonly found minerals on the beach are in form of placer deposits right on the beach surface include, Garnet, Ilmenite and others like rutile, sillimanite and zircon. Private mining companies like VV Minerals, India are major players in the international heavy mineral market.

Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh are the three states where these minerals are found in large quantities.

As per industry estimates, India has over 500 million tons (MT) of Ilmenite reserves, which is used in making titanium metal and titanium dioxide pigments, a critical raw material for making products such as paints, paper and plastic. VV Minerals is the only company in India that processes titanium dioxide pigments.

Vaikundarajan is the owner of the top heavy mineral mining company of India based in Tamil Nadu, known as VV Mineral. They are located in Tisayanvilai and export heavy minerals like Garnet and ilmenite across the globe.