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windmillFounded in 1989, VV Minerals, India a heavy mineral mining company is based in Tamil Nadu. They are primary manufactures for heavy mineral products which are procured from beach sands. The company conducts beach sand mining for minerals such as rutile, garnet, zircon, and ilmenite.

Mining can have a devastating effect on the environment, and as such, VV Minerals, has always maintained to conduct their operations in an eco friendly manner. In order to protect individuals and the environment, around the mining areas, the firm practices environmentally conscious actions. These include activities like water conservation, power generation and afforestation.

Thus, aside from bringing in economically benefits to the country, through the export of valuable minerals, the firms also provides environmental remuneration. An example of VV Minerals,Vaikundarajan’s environmental remuneration and restoration can be seen in the areas surrounding Tisayanvilai.

The company, even on areas where they mine (leased from the Government) are restored with trees. The aim is to let the land become more fertile and bring in more greenery. The company reinstates silica particles to the place they manually extracted mineral sand. This is done so as to not depreciate the land on beach areas.

They also participate in initiatives for conserving natural renewable energy. An imitative like this can be seen, where VV Mineral uses sea water concentration plants to save fresh water. Also with the help of wind turbines, the uses wind as a renewable energy to generate power.