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VV Mineral S Jegatheesan

VV Mineral’s S Jegatheesan is an extremely intelligent yet humble man, who plays a key role in the company. At VV Mineral, S. Jegatheesan is as a managing director and head of the finance department. He is role is to make the company financially robust.

Holding a graduate degree from Madras Christian College, S. Jegatheesan has largely contributed towards making the company financially sound. His effective cost control methods have helped VV Mineral produce heavy minerals efficiently. As a man dedicated to the seeking best, he is always in search for resources that can be used efficiently. He also believes in the need to protect the environment and thus a lot of the operational procedures at VV Mineral include recycling methods.

VV Mineral is a family owned conglomerate with multi crore turnover that is involved in various sectors like food and agro, chemicals and pigments, paints, sugar, cement and others. VV Mineral, is mainly engaged in mining, manufacturing, and exporting heavy minerals like garnet, ilmenite, rutile, and zircon. The firm is a conscious company, always trying to competing interests without compromising their reputation. VV Mineral’s members of the management committee include, S Jegatheesan, J Muthurajan and V Subramanian.