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VV Minerals India produces and exports many important minerals such as rutile, ilmenite, zircon, sillimanite and others in the same range of industrial functionality and application.

VV Minerals India’s Rutile is considered superior owing to its low phosphorous and sulphur content. VV Mineral India produces Rutile in addition to Ilmenite and garnet.

Most of the manufacturers of this mineral with wide applications and advantages use oil fired furnaces. However, as VVM uses electric kiln and solar energy for drying the phosphorous and sulphur contamination is very low.

Rutile is primarily composed of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and is a mineral found in igneous environment, sandy beaches and such similar surroundings. It is useful in the manufacture of a few optical elements. It is especially used in polarization optics.

VV Mineral’s hold over extensive areas for mining and continued mining in the same region guarantees consistency in quality of the end product.

The processing and the region from which the Rutile is procured lends it the following advantages

Higher TiO2 content helps in less splattering and more slag formation
VV Minerals Rutile has lesser traces of defiling contaminants like Niobium, Iron, Zirconium Dioxide, etc., which helps keep the flux intact during welding
0% oil usage not only reduces the sulphur contamination below 0.02 % but also saves the environment from getting polluted
To preserve fossil fuels for the future generation, solar drying is used in spite of its excessive space requirement
VV Minerals Rutile has proved to be in the preferred size range for smooth bonding of the flux

VV Mineral Mining is the only company in Tamil Nadu, India to manufacture Rutile.

Ilmenite is another mineral that VV Mineral produces. It is a titanium-iron oxide which is commonly used in the production of titanium oxide. It is paramagnetic and is enjoying an increase in demand from India and China. Up until 2011, Australia was the largest producer of the manganese and magnesium rich ore.

Sillimanite which is extracted using high temperature is found in aluminium-rich-vicinities. Owing to the processes followed at VV Mineral, India under the close watch of Vaikundarajan, Chairman, VV Mineral; the rutile, ilmenite and sillimanite produced is of outstanding quality and is in high demand, globally.