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Illegal-Beach-MiningS Vaikundarajan of VV Minerals India suggests that the alleged illegal beach sand heavy mineral mining is not so much as a scam as an effort in defaming the forerunner of the industry. If the government has issued legal papers to an organisation and not the others then the government stands to be questioned for their decisions and not the licensees.

Recent reports claim that just 20 years of heavy mineral mining on beaches in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin, Tirunelvelli and Kanyakumari districts is affecting ecology, marine life and the entire coastal community.

However, there are various reasons that can cause beaches to erode. Also, the earth’s natural resources are meant to last for over several years and the logic that mining activities alone are causing a paradigm shift in the sandy beaches of India.

Another point that is sincerely illogical is the assumed sum of the alleged illegal sand mining scam. Reports claim that Rs. 96,120 crore have been siphoned in the process. How it is possible to raise such money from mining is something that we as a multi-crore company do not understand.

Also, how is the government raising concerns of an alleged scam on the basis of a letter that claims a gigantic loot of rare precious minerals. Mr Sundaram who issued this letter is no longer in service and his word is being given undue mileage.

Furthermore the same letter writer Mr. Sundaram has also gone on to sling mud at the governmental inefficacies in dealing with the said matter at hand. By and large the entire effort seems to be fast headed toward a deadlock judgement.

Mr Sundaram, claims that an RTI brought to his knowledge that VV Minerals enjoyed 100 per cent monopoly in ilmenite mining and also that a giant share in garnet mining. However, there are many other companies awaiting a license from the government. If the companies have been unable to land these licences it does not directly imply any foul play on part of the heavy mineral mining giant VV Mineral India.

“Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has constituted special teams to look in to the claims of violations of beach mining and we are more than eager to see us being given a clean chit”, says Vaikundarajan

The government has ordered suspension of sand mining from 9 August to ensure smooth conduct of inspection.