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Beach Sand Mining, VV MineralIntroduction: Vaikundarajan of VV Mineral India is aghast at being called an illegal heavy mineral miner. He has been in the industry of mining heavy minerals for over 2 decades and not once did the government raise a hue and cry. Despite a confirmation from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) that we do not have the machinery to separate thorium from monazite, the media chases us with questions.

VV Mineral India’s chairman S Vaikundarajan speaks up once again. He has come to fore with a clearance from the Atomic Earth Regulatory Board (AERB) AERB which is one of the many governmental regulatory bodies related to the mining industry has declared that VV Mineral has no way to separate thorium from monazite.

And yet the media continues to claim that the company has indulged in illegal heavy mineral mining through the years.

Vaikundarajan also went on to add that since the Jawaharlal Nehru government, monazite was on the list of materials that can be mined only by government mining authorities and bodies. Private sector mining set ups were not allowed to even think about these minerals.

However, during the Manmohan Singh government a few minerals along with monazite were delisted from the said list and thus VV Minerals filed necessary paperwork and obtained a license for the newly opened minerals in preparation of future business opportunities.

“However, even before we could explore the possibilities of the new found mineral mining rights the alleged “scam” was thrown in our face.” Says Vaikundarajan In addition to these apparent loopholes, to make this scam such a huge reality there have to be other companies involved in it. The news reports have been repeatedly referring to all other companies with ambiguous prepositions and making only direct mentions of VV Minerals.

“All the above highlighted points bring us to a studied conclusion that this entire scam is a consolidated effort in pulling VV Mineral down and bringing shame to their legacy of 20 years in heavy mineral mining,” concludes Vaikundarajan.