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VaikundarajanVV Minerals India was S Vaikundarajans venture into the mining industry almost twenty years ago. Even while being blamed for an alleged illegal beach mining scam, the man remains hopeful that he will not have to give up what he has spent all his life building.

VV Minerals India was founded twenty years ago by S Vaikundarajan who is from a humble background. He had no one to back him up or anyone to guide. And yet S Vaikundarajan is a man of stature today.

S Vaikundarajan has built VV Minerals from scratch and he has been in the Indian mining industry for more than any other Indian mining company.

He is self built man who has achieved everything through hard work. When a man as humble as him comes under the scanner along with his fruit of labour for an alleged mining scam, matters begin to get heated.

However, the VV Minerals India spokesperson as well as Vaikundarajan have mentioned that this is a dirty move made by their rivals with an aim to harm their reputation.

Thus, VV Minerals India and its owner, S Vaikundarajan are confident that they will surely come out clean from this mess and regain their industry position.

“Mining is what I have done since I can remember. I am not just responsible for the company but also the lives and livelihoods that it supports. So, we have to regain our composure and I am positive that we will,” says Vaikundarajan.