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VV Mineral Mining

VV Mineral Mining is shocked at being held responsible for the coastal erosion noticed in Tuticorin. He makes an effort in explaining how not just mining but various other activities contribute to the heavy erosion of coasts and mining being the least detrimental.

VV Mineral is a mining company started by S Vaikundarajan and was recently brought under the scanner regarding an alleged illegal mineral mining scam.

However, VV Minerals India was given a clean report from not just one but four different governmental organizations as was requested by the unforgiving Central Government

The organizational bodies that have looked in to the matter are Department of Atomic Energy, Indian Rare Earths Ltd., Department of Geology and Mining along with the Indian Bureau of Mines.

However, after being cleared by these respectable government bodies, VV Mineral India is now being held responsible for the heavy coastal erosion found on the coasts of Tuticorin.

Even though the mining company has operation in Tuticorin they are not alone responsible for the coastal erosion caused.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan says, “Not just mining but many other man-made endeavours take a toll on the sand and accelerate erosions.

The population in Tuticorin has exploded in the last twenty years of the mining company’s presence, causing the shoreline to be encroached.

Man made constructions and methods of land reclamation also cause heavy loss of sand. In addition to which natural factors such as rain, wind and such must be taken into consideration before hurling baseless accusations.