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illegal-beach-sand-miningRecently the High Court of Tamil Nadu acquitted VV Minerals along with another petitioning mining company. The court also went on to comment on how incorrect and improper it was for the Government of TN to announce a blanket ban on mining.

The Tamil Nadu High Court has acquitted VV Minerals along with one other petitioner mining company over the matter of the illegal beach mining that came to fore two years ago.

Vaikundarajan the owner of VV Minerals which was unfairly blamed for the alleged illegal heavy mineral mining had immediately challenged the government’s claim in the Tamil Nadu high court.

S Vaikundarajan was always hopeful that they will be acquitted of the false charges since they have been an industry forerunner and the matter obviously looked like an effort to defame them.

Vaikundarajan remained constant on his stand and was sure that there was no reason for the company to worry about the alleged illegal beach mining and illegal heavy mineral mining claims.

The matter of the alleged illegal beach mining was made by a local Tuticorin collector who suspected foul play on being refused an entry into company premises.

VV Minerals and Vaikundarajan had come to fore and always made it clear the alleged illegal heavy mineral mining scam is just a farce and not the reality.

VV Minerals India is now waiting to be cleared of all alleged charges which have no basis in reality. They are also hopeful of mining laws in India being tailored to suit the changing demands of the mining industry.