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VV Minerals India

Humble to the core, Vaikundarajan is a self-made man of righteous principles. Through hard work and perseverance, Vaikundarajan has managed to establish VV Minerals India, a mining company that exhibits his own values.

Recently, the company’s reputation was put to test by false claims and accusations tarnishing the organization’s image he has created over two decades. For a successful company, these unjustifiable claims could only come from rival mining industries.

A moment of relief came when the Madras High Court rightfully lifted the mining ban off VV Minerals. However, this relief lasted only a short while as flurry of unjust appeals against the court order followed.

While there is no strong evidence to assert any illegal beach mining activity by Vaikundarajan or his company VV Mineral, the Madras Court’s decision to re-impose the mining ban comes as a disheartening surprise.

Let us also not forget that the inspection reports released by DAE and IREL found no illicit mining in the operations of VV Mineral mining. This only reiterates the faith in company’s innocence.

While a fresh inquiry committee has been put in place to further the verdict, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan reaffirms that these claims are baseless and his company will taste justice sooner or later.