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The Shore Line Eroding At Turicorin- VV-Mineral

VV Mineral was established in the late 1980s by S Vaikundarajan. In the last two decades, the company has won several National Awards for its contribution to the export business. The company is also the highest manufacturer and exporter of Garnet and Ilmenite in India. Recent allegations of illegal sand beach mining seem to have put the company’s development on hold.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan has expressed that the company has always operated within the legal boundaries and that the allegations are baseless. The company has taken a legal route to fight the allegations and clear its name. To this date, no evidence has been presented that could prove the company guilty of illegal mining.

A company warehouse was unsuccessfully raided by District Collector Ashish Kumar. Having found no evidence and further tarnishing the company’s reputation by speaking in the media, the district collector was given the marching orders.

VV Minerals India spokesperson, speaking to NDTV, denied these allegations and claimed that the “charges made by the former District Collector are baseless, motivated and vague.”

The company has enjoyed a 100% monopoly in Ilmenite mining and has a giant share in exporting Garnet. This fact is being misused by the competitors to halt the company’s progress and cause serious damage.

VV Mineral Mining, V Subramanian, dismissed all allegations as a conspiracy by its business rivals.

“Sundaram is passing this as a cruel joke. He is on the payroll of our business rival… Our hands are clear. We will come out clear from these allegations. Our records are straight,” Ravindram Duraiswami, advocate for VV Mineral told NDTV.