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A mobile application is being developed to help the authorities track illegal mining activities in and around their work of operation. “The android app will be used to upload photos of suspected mines and help the authorities identify the area. The app will soon be launched by the Union Ministry of Mines,” says Vaikundarajan, founder of VV Minerals India, one of the leading sand beach mining companies in the country.
A team has been set up to investigate and carry out physical verification of every area where the earth is being dug up, irrespective of whether it is for mining activity or some other reason. The team will initiate necessary action against any act of illegal mining with the assistance of civic and other authorities.
“This new way of curbing illegal activities is a step in the right direction. Indian Bureau of Mines and Wipro have signed an agreement for development of online National Mineral Information Systems,” adds Vaikundarajan.
To further help the authorities, a Mining Tenement System is being developed. What is MTS, Vaikundarajan explains, “It will automate the concession life cycle, right from identifying the area to closing of the mine. It will connect the various stakeholders for real-time transfer of electronic files and exchange of data. The MTS will also store important data in text form.”
Today, 1854 mines out of 3844 leases of major minerals are in operation. The system will provide a star rating based on self-certification validated by IBM and vetted by the experts from IITs and IIMs.